Who are we? What are we doing?

Welcome to 127, your data mirror on the campus. We investigate empirical social and institutional patterns at Denison that will be of interest to the community, that will help us challenge or affirm conventional wisdom, and will help us reflect on our practices and attitudes. Almost nothing is off the table, provided there are data to chase the question. Remember: in good faith we can seek truth through data.

For an overview of the project, check out Matt McHugh’s journalistic account and check out some of the favorite posts of famed 127 writers. We’ve had 37 people write 236 posts for us so far.

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Current Contributors

Alex Lazo (10)

Will Duquette (6)

Miles D. Williams (1)

Owen Baker (1)

Maddy Murphy (5)

Zach Broeren (12)

Lucas Partridge (1)

Dan Gunther (1)

Paul A. Djupe (75)

Emeriti Contributors

Shayne Silver-Riskin (5)

Gus Hoffmann (9)

Sarah McKenzie (8)

Jacob Dennen (6)

Siobhán Mitchell (9)

Mayank Dev Kumar (1)

Jeffrey Alder (1)

Libby Beach (1)

Eric Buehler (7)

Tim Dowling (3)

Taylor Shook (3)

Jacob Rains (1)

Chris Nakon (1)

Elena Meth (3)

Maggie Miller (6)

Max Dehon (6)

Emily Nicholson (1)

Logan Mallory (1)

The Darian of Harrington (6)

Eizo Lang-Ezekiel (1)

Matt McHugh (1)

Abby Zofchak (6)

Nathaniel Nakon (4)

Oliver Gladfelter (24)

Bobby Craig (3)

Kaitlyn Elia (1)

Lauren Somers (5)

Leah Hansler (1)