127 is BACK!

By Paul A. Djupe

Loyal and new readers, we are here to announce that 127 is back in business for 2020! For those who don’t know, 127 refers to the number of credits required to graduate from Denison and suggests that we are writing about the whole Denison experience – about campus, its faculty, the administration, and of course the most important actors: students. There are effectively no limits on what we write about except that posts need to be data-driven in some way. If you’re interested in writing for 127, hit me up at djupe [at] denison.edu.

I’m on leave this year working on all sorts of research and teaching projects (more on this later in the spring), but a presidential election year and building, social space, and other initiatives on campus have drawn me back with a super team ready to write for your data journalism needs. We’ll have a survey out this month with a wide range of super interesting questions, so look for that to take and to fuel our stories.

127 is lucky to be partnering with previous contributors Maggie Miller and Max Dehon this semester.

Maggie is a second semester senior with mixed feelings about graduation who studies political science and philosophy. She has worked in the First-Year Office and for the Denison Athletic Department. She is excited to spend her last semester studying all things Denison.

Max is a senior Political Science Major from Kansas City who will be celebrating the Super Bowl all semester. When not writing for 127, he can be found working on his 5-Iron and chasing foul balls at Big Red Field.

Paul A. Djupe is a local cyclist who coincidentally has taught social science research methods and political science at Denison for millenia. He started onetwentyseven.blog a few years ago in a bid to subsidize collective action. He’s on Twitter.

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