Write with us!

We’ve had a handful of contributors, but are always looking to expand both in number of writers and department representation. An ideal candidate is a strong writer (or wants to develop into one); ideally is proficient in quantitative analysis, but it’s not a requirement; and has an interest in any aspect of Denison, campus issues, and our student body. You do NOT have to be a DA major or DPR minor in order to write. You do NOT have to write about survey results.

OneTwentySeven has no deadlines, no minimum quotas, or anything along those lines – you just write whenever you can find the time and motivation for it. So the time commitment is entirely as much or as little as you want it to be. A number of students conduct an independent study with Dr. Djupe in order to dedicate time to writing.

Plenty of students have written just one article, while others have written much more. Moreover, most articles can be written over the span of a week or even less. We also encourage collaborations and co-authoring, which can help if you’re worried about time. The articles are not long – the target article length is 500-700 words, but there’s no minimum or maximum word count; we care more about telling a good story.

Getting started is super simple! Dr. Paul Djupe, director of the Data for Political Research minor, runs OneTwentySeven and edits everything we publish. Paul is willing to help and guide you through every step of the process, which generally looks like this:

  1. Indicate an interest in writing
  2. Chat with people (Djupe and others) about data availability, questions, methods (the order actually varies quite a bit depending on the piece)
  3. Work to develop the hook and compose the data visualizations (often with Djupe’s help)
  4. Write and edit with Djupe on google docs
  5. Publish! And then work to push it out on the social medias

Who can I talk to more about OneTwentySeven?

As the ‘editor-in-chief,’ Paul Djupe (djupe@denison.edu) is a great resource and definitely the person to go to with questions. For a student perspective, you can also reach out to…well, it depends on the semester. Email Djupe and he can put you in touch with other active writers.

When’s the next survey going out? Can I add some questions to it?

Some combination of “we” distribute a survey to the entire student body once a semester. Our next one will go out in early October or February, depending on the semester. If you have a question(s) you’d like to be included in the survey, email Dr. Djupe about it and he’ll try and work it in.