How Well Do You Know Denison(ians)?

By The 127 Team

Yeah, you’ve been here for 3 weeks, but because of covid rules, do you really know Denison yet? 127 (<- click for an overview) can help. We’ve been covering the campus for yeeeeaaaaars and have bird’s eye views of the student body and campus life. A couple of former and current 127ers got our heads together to share some of our favorite posts that introduce the campus.

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Oliver Gladfelter now Senior Data Scientist at Nielsen

How well do you know Denison students?

“Our perception of campus norms influence our views, opinions, what we care about, and what issues we’re willing to spend time on – whether that’s ripping water fountains out of walls or participating in social activism on campus.”

The Face of Mitchell

Mitchell is a building of many connotations. To the student athlete, it’s as essential as A-quad. To the power lifter, it’s their place of daily worship. Then there’s the standard student, just trying to fit a quick workout into their busy schedule. And of course, for many students, it’s that big building where D-Day happens.

Abby Zofchak, now Budget Analyst for the Air Force

Relationships Make Great Colleges.

“If you have been in the same room with Denison’s President, Adam Weinberg, you have no doubt heard about the centrality of relationships in making college(s) great. He argues that a mentoring relationship with a faculty member is the crux…”

Denison Grit.

“From stories in the news about college students these days one might be lead to believe that blizzards had hit every campus because there are so many snowflakes. Students (oh my, y’all are millenials, too) are described as psychologically frail creatures who can’t handle arguments and to whom even the idea of grades sends them into paroxysms.”

What Are Friends For?

“President Weinberg tells us time and time again that relationships matter, and that Denison is a place built to foster them. The college experience should go beyond the confines of the classroom to tap into how we engage with one another, work through conflict, and find a place to call home. Is he right? Does how many relationships you develop throughout college make any difference one way or another?”

Finding the Right Balance: Is It Books or Meetings?

“Given the wide array of opportunities on campus, students can get involved, engage with one another, and practice what they have been exposed to in the classroom. However, are we losing sight of the importance of the classroom experience as we shift more towards organizational involvement on campus?”

Can’t Get No Satisfaction? Involvement at Denison

“With the mantra #NewYearNewMe in mind, hundreds of first year students sought out last Thursday’s involvement fair. They were greeted by an overwhelming host of organizations: comedy and a cappella troupes, green initiatives and services groups, fraternities and sororities, media outlets and radio stations, and one of my personal favorites, Jam Band Club. What does involvement look like at Denison, and which students are satisfied with their involvement? Fortunately, this is a 127 article, and as the Bullsheet so eloquently pointed out last spring, we have the data to answer these questions.”

Choose a Major, Plug Into Life

“It must be so annoying to get The Question all the time. Every family gathering, I recall, was peppered with it, people pestering you probably because they didn’t know what else to ask. “So what’s your major?” is arguably one of the lesser questions about your four years in college… If we do the math, most majors are only ⅓ of your 127 course credits. Does a major matter more than that?”

Tim Dowling, Mail-Room Employee + DA Major


“Weinberg’s presence is felt very strongly on this campus, his impact on student participation and involvement has been noticed, and his words and phrases – Weinbergisms – about “silos” and “relationships run[ning] deep at Denison” have become iconic in the eyes of students.”

Which Major has the Most Pretentious Students?

“When two students meet for the first time, “what’s your major?” is usually one of the first questions they’ll use to break the ice (always either immediately preceding or following the classic “where are you from?”). And whether it’s fair or not (hint: it’s not), students get judged depending on their answer.”

A Case for Bigger Pockets

“Losing something is a laughable mistake…until it happens to you. Luckily, One Twenty Seven has compiled a list of all the lost/found posts in Denison’s Student Body Facebook group, and we’ve found that it’s not nearly as “random” as some might lead you to believe.”

Remembering Past Social Culture to Understand Feelings Towards the Moonies

“In my past three and a half years at Denison, the social culture has changed dramatically from Sunnies parties to parking lot white tents and the creation of the Moonies. I think many would agree with me when I say that there is no longer a clear definition of what social culture is on Denison’s campus.”

PaulI would but I’m riding that dayDjupe, teaches political science

Does Involvement Have a Price Tag?

“Adam [Weinberg] praises involvement, saying that it is one of the things that makes this University so great…However, this begs the question: is all involvement equal? More specifically, do some organizations provide their members with more leadership opportunities and encourage participation more than others?”

A Personality Profile for the Liberal Arts

“We talk a lot about “The Denison Student.” She is engaged with the world, actively involved in her community, curious to investigate a wide variety of questions, willing to take some risks, etc. I’d like to think about this in a related, but more systematic way – what personality profile do Denison students present?”

One in Five.

“On an especially hot and humid August day in Ohio, I, and about 600 (give or take) other incoming First Year students, sat in a room and listened to our new university tell us that statistically speaking, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 20 men would be sexually assaulted before our time at Denison was over.”

Plant-Based Students and What They Tell Us about Denison.

“Since my first days at Denison, I have tried to forge a place as an advocate and leader of the vegetarian, vegan, and “veg-curious” community here….I am often asked how many vegetarians and vegans there are at Denison. I used to believe that the number increases with each incoming class year, but I have never had the data to give a firm answer — until now!”

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