Finding Comfort on Denison’s Campus

By Oliver Gladfelter Last semester, comfort was a common theme brought up in many campus dialogues about identity, power, and privilege. Often times, students expressed feeling uncomfortable in certain areas on campus – a narrative 127 was able to provide some empirical evidence for by exploring comfort levels in a very specific and unique setting….

Denison Students Are Polarized, But Not Like The Rest of the Nation

By Oliver Gladfelter In June of 2017, The Democracy Fund Voter Study Group released a report showing that Clinton and Trump voters were more polarized on social issues than on issues concerning the economy (Drutman 2017). Clinton supporters were decisively left leaning on both economic and social issues, while Trump’s supporters leaned right primarily on…

The Truth About The Sunnies

Time to talk about the Sunnies. While people often joke about what happens in the Sunnies, the party culture there has surfaced in serious conversations about inclusion, comfort, and respect.